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Fintech companies produce more and more new services. One of the rising stars here is the Dutch Rate – the company which calls itself a financial online marketplace. What is a financial online marketplace, and why should you cooperate with the Dutch Rate – that’s what we are going to talk about today.

About the company

Despite of its name, the Dutch Rate is registered in UAE in 2021. It’s a very young but perspective company which was awarded The Most Trusted Fintech Project in 2021 by the trader’s community.

What is a financial online marketplace?

Unfortunately, we can not find the authoritative information about it in the internet. We can guess that it’s a new format of investment commerce: the web site which offers you huge range of financial instrument, like in ordinary online marketplaces with goods and like the Dutch Rate does. The Dutch Rate doesn’t describe such a kind of business.

Which trading instruments does the Dutch Rate offer?

The Dutch Rate offers huge plenty of financial instruments: Currencies (662 pairs);

  • Stocks (3399);
  • Commodities (9);
  • Cryptocurrencies (69);
  • Indices (14);
  • ETFs (684).

The Dutch Rate’s services

Also the Dutch Rate offers not only trading, but some additional features. The company’s services will be described below.


The Dutch Rate’s trading platform is a cutting-edge service called MetaTrader 5 (MT 5). Developed by Russian company MetaQuotes in 2010 and used by thousands of traders all over the world.

Social trading

Dutch Rate also provides you with possibility of the social trading. To do it the Dutch Rate gives its clients access to the Heartbeat social trading platform – modern and user-friendly product which rapidly grows its popularity.


For the experienced traders Dutch Rate’s experts assist investing in IPO’s. It is risky but sometimes very profitable sort of investments.


If you are not very skilled in trading, the Dutch Rate’s experts can manage your investment portfolio through the option of fiduciary management. The company’s experts will invest your funds the best way and return in a selected time with profit. The profit and the risks will depend on your funds and demands.


The Dutch Rate provides its clients with a huge plenty of analytical materials about all the types of financial instruments traded here. These analytical materials are posted every week and sorted by the category of assets they describe.

Economic calendar

Economic calendar of the Dutch Rate warns you about planned events which can affect the stock quotes. The examples of such events are national holidays, central bank’s regular reports and so then.


The Dutch Rate is a perspective fintech company with an enormous choice of trading instruments. It provides its clients with trading through MT 5 and social trading through the Heartbeat. Experienced traders also can try their hands in IPO’s investing with the help of the Dutch Rate. Beginners can use fiduciary management of their investment portfolios. Also you can use the Dutch Rate’s analysis and economic calendar for the fundamental analysis of the market. We hope you will enjoy cooperation with such a firm!

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  1. Eric says:

    I like ETFs provided by DutchRate. They are cost-effective and very liquid. Sometimes I use them for speculation or to hedge the risks diversifying my portfolio. Usually they offer stock funds within one industry. It is very nice to track the economy sectors in such a way.

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